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Welcome to Tourershine - The Caravan and Motorhome Exterior Restoration and Protection Specialists.

The UK's Mobile Caravan and Motorhome Exterior Detailing Specialists, built on quality and reputation.  We are based in Leicestershire, but travel to every part of the UK to carry out any of our services.

At Tourershine we have one simple aim.. To make your Caravan or Motorhome look like it's just left the showroom, and show you the simple way to keep it that way. 

To compliment our specialist Restoration services, we are also well known for our 'Tourershield' paint protection service on brand new Caravans or Motorhomes, and now for the 1st time we've introduced a very basic service.  The basic service is for those who need a basic clean without the specialised work by an experienced company they trust.  Please see our Services page for full details and prices.

Tourershine is a small family owned business started in 2009, not a franchise.  We stay this way because we feel it gives our customers a far more personal attentive service. This is reflected across many of our Testimonials and our on-line reputation.  We have never advertised what we do, and almost all of our work come's directly from recommendation from either previous customers, or the on-line community. 

One of the most popular parts of my Business is the 'Restoration' service.  This service will rectify any faded, swirled, weathered, or most issues caused by incorrect product use. The Motorhome pictured here is a great example of just how good we are.

When we get initial enquiries from our Motorhome customers, we need to establish what each vehicle is constructed from.  There is either an Aluminium body, or like the example in the picture, GRP body.  People often don't know the difference when asked.  So we always ask if they have 'dents' on the sides.

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Tourershield Paint Sealing Service

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