Tourershield Paint Sealing Service

Seal the full exterior of your new* Caravan or Motorhome

The Tourershield service involves the application of our Paint sealing product.  This offers the option to seal the full exterior of your new Caravan or Motorhome (including the roof) with a product that can protect against UV fading for many years.  *The Tourershield service is designed for new Caravans or Motorhomes only, because our product supplier will not provide any warranty on anything that's not brand new.

Tourershield Paint Sealing Service | Caravans & Motorhomes

Tourershield Paint Protection System is a unique blend of PTFE and acrylic resins, containing UV screens to lockout harmful atmospheric degradation, with year round protection even in the extremes of polar and desert climates.

The aim of this service is to prevent the exterior panels from premature fading (even more critical on any GRP, plastic, or fibreglass panels) and keep your Caravan or Motorhome at it's optimum market value/condition.  The product will also make future cleaning a far easier task than an unprotected Caravan or Motorhome.

Providing the aftercare instructions are followed and the correct products are used, you should have several years of protection without the need to re-apply a wax.  As with all products of this type, it is the preparation and application that is key to the success.  It is of extreme importance that the after care advice is adhered to, to ensure the longevity of this product.

This service is done in 2 stages.  Stage 1 will remove any light dirt and contamination, Stage 2 is the sealer.  The Tourershield service does not include washing off first.  If your Caravan or Motorhome needs washing, this is charged at a further £50.

Tourershield Paint Sealing Service | Caravans & Motorhomes

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