Basic Service

This service will get your Caravan or Motorhome perfectly clean...

regardless of condition.

The Basic service has been introduced in 2017 for the first time for several reasons.  We don't really class ourselves as 'Valeters' because around 75% of our work is highly specialist Restoration work.  However, we get calls every day from people that want just a 'basic' wash, to get their Caravan or Motorhome simply clean. (This is a full wash, including the roof)

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Basic Service | Caravans & Motorhomes | Tourershine

Normally this would of been passed on to local Valeters in the customers area, but we are finding that due to the rise of 'road side car wash gangs' that mobile Valeters with any care or skill, are fast going out of business.  Knowing the potential issues these road side gangs can cause to Caravans and Motorhomes, we decided that we will now offer a very 'Basic' service for Caravan and Motorhome owners.

This service will get your Caravan or Motorhome perfectly clean, regardless of condition.  We will be washing off the whole Caravan or Motorhome, from roof to wheels, leaving each job immaculately clean, ready for your holiday. This service will not restore any parts of your Caravan or Motorhome back to it's factory shine. (See Restoration Service for this)  It's simply a service for those that just need a Caravan or Motorhome washing by an experienced company, using only the safest products, and methods for Caravans and Motorhomes.

Please be aware that as this is a very basic service, that should you wish to book and you are not within the Leicestershire area, then we will advise you of when we are in your area already, and tie you in with another job to keep your costs reasonable.  

To give an example: We wouldn't drive from Leicester to Manchester to carry out this service, because it would cost the customer more to get us there, than the actual service.  So we'd let the customer know when we are either in Manchester, or passing on another job.  This would then make it financially feasible for both the customer and us, to book you in.

Basic Service | Caravans & Motorhomes | Tourershine

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