One thing I get asked a lot is how Tourershine started...

About Tourershine | Paul Asserati

The business started back in 2008 when I got my first Caravan. I noticed the front panel was dull and enquired to several companies to have this rectified, quickly learning that no one could fix it. 

Being from a body shop background, I understood products and started testing myself, finally formulating a product and method to restore my dull fibreglass. There was born the initial idea.

The business today still has the exact same principles that were drummed into me as a young lad by my Father and my first boss and mentor, who I still see on a weekly basis today. Always treat every job like it's the first - Always present yourselves as professionals - Never make promises you cannot keep - and most importantly, never be late for a customer, the rule we are proud of and known for.

Other than my main passion for travelling Europe in my own Motorhome, I'm also heavily involved in the Volkswagen scene with one of the most recognised VW Transporters in the country.  Our commercial T6 is an integral part of our business and my own obsession with the van drives my wife crazy. 

This thing was custom designed to house all of our equipment, including the famous Nespresso machine.  Rarely will you see the same set of wheels on our van for more than a few months! The van has to be reliable, comfortable and always immaculate for obvious reasons, but what customers rarely see, is the dedication to this vehicle to keep it tip top for every job possible, hopefully making each and every customer feel like they are the priority and they know exactly what to expect from our standards.

About Tourershine | Paul Asserati

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